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iPad Team

Posted by ssweeney on September 30, 2015

We are excited about piloting several different new tools that work in conjunction with the iPad to improve the student learning experience.  These pilots will help us make informed decisions about what type of technology we will adopt for use in the classroom on a permanent basis.

iPad Pro

What new potential does the latest version of iPad, the iPad Pro, bring to the classroom?  This team will test the opportunities provided by the larger surface area and the bluetooth connected stylus.  Could the iPad pro replace the need for interactive whiteboards?  Are flipped classrooms a more approachable model when the iPad Pro is in the hands of teachers?

Belkin Tablet Stage Stand + App

This stand in conjunction with the app, allows teachers to utilize the iPad as a document camera.  The benefits to this tool over a regular document camera is that teachers can annotate digitally on items, record videos of the content they are showing for viewing later, and the iPad is not a single use device like a document camera.  To learn more about the tool, visit this site.


We are adopting two different kinds of stylus this year.  At the Early Childhood level, we will be exploring the Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus.  This stylus has a thick diameter which is important for developing students’ motor skills with writing utensils.  The second model is for the upper grades to use.  Many of our teachers are exploring the power of sketchnotes and the Adonit Jot Pro is reviewed as one of the best stylus available for sketching and note taking.  


The art of Sketchnotes is a new trend of engaging students with active note taking to develop a better comprehension of the information they are being taught by processing the content through images that connect the big ideas.  Various people from Mike Rohde to Kathy Schrock are providing support to educators on how to guide their students to be more purposeful note takers.

Manipulative Peripherals

Two different companies have developed a variety of manipulative items that interact with the iPad and their developed apps.  The EC-1 classrooms will have an opportunity to work with sets created by Osmo and Tiggly to develop students’ Math, Letter, and Shape knowledge.  

Continue the Work

App Selection

Digital Coaches will continue to work with teachers to understand how to critically evaluate apps that best support their learning objectives.  They will continue to reinforce the use of our App Selection Rubric and provide trusted resources that provide well reviewed apps for learning.

Integration Training

The iPad Team will also work with the FDR staff to develop their understanding and knowledge of how iPads can improve the learning experience for students.  They will also share valuable tips and tricks for teachers to understand how the iPads work: things like Guided Access Mode, Hand Gestures, Voice to Text, etc.