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Digital Citizenship Policies & Curriculum for Students

Posted by xnunezdp on November 5, 2015

In addition to the Digital Citizenship Agreement (DCA) awareness sessions covered with all students at the beginning of each school year, there are curriculum frameworks that help teachers cover the DCA with more depth and better understanding for the students. Here are a few resources: (© Google for Education Training Center)

Schoolwide Policies

Schools are helping create safe environments by creating policies and procedures to guide student and adult behavior.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Several organizations have developed support materials and full curricula that can be used when planning instruction.

Fostering Positive Conversations

Within your classroom there may be times when the conversation naturally turns to topics of digital citizenship. These are not always the easiest topics to discuss, but they are extremely important for keeping the lines of communication open. Students need to feel comfortable and safe talking with adults about digital citizenship and their experiences. This discussion is one thing that can help build resilience in our students.

  • has created a playlist of quick tips videos designed to help teachers prepare for these discussions.
  • CyberSmart is a resource site set up by the Australian government to help students, teachers, and families be prepared to talk about topics.
  • Common Sense Media’s family outreach program includes resources for holding a teen panel with guiding questions and strategies.
  • also has resources to raise awareness and undestanding of digital citizenship for teachers, parents, and students.

For an extensive list of resources, visit the Cybrary Man’s Digital Citizenship Resources.

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