Developing all employees' capacity to embrace and adapt to evolving technology.

Digital Coaches

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Roles and Responsibilities


  • Help create and support a school wide community of technology users that focus on student learning and overall instruction.
  • Work with school administration, the IT Director and Tech Integration Team to promote the appropriate use of technology
  • Become a representative and trainer of best practices with an FDR adopted tech tool of your choice
  • Pilot tools being considered for adoption
  • Help develop integrated units and ideas using technology (communicate ideas to Tech Integration Team)
  • Lead teachers across various grade levels in technology by modeling and supporting technology integration
  • Be available at least 2 hours a month outside of school hours to participate in meetings, other projects and to receive additional training
  • Generate ideas for professional development and offer technology training sessions to teachers on a periodic basis and during in-service hours.
  • Participate in contributing to an online forum for sharing recent literature to improve technology knowledge
  • Sharing with each other what we are doing in our own classrooms
  • Report back to grade level team at team meetings about what is happening with Digital Coaches

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