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Limit Distractions: Show videos with Safeshare

Posted by sducharm on October 29, 2015One Comment

You Tube videos are the bomb, we know. But when we show them via the usual You Tube link, students may get distracted by suggested videos and comments along the sides.


Instead, paste the you tube link into SafeShare and post the SafeShare link for your students. When they open the link, they can even “dim the lights” so that the video shows on an all-black screen.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.26.47 AM

Listening Centers; QR Codes in Action

Posted by cpuppo on September 25, 2015

Early readers in the Elementary School are developing their skills by taking advantage of YouTube videos  in a child friendly, safe way.

Isolate content from YouTube taking away advertisement and suggested videos and make it accesible for you students following three simple steps:

  1. Copy url from youtube into Safe Share TV and generate safe link.
  2. Copy the video’s “safe link” onto a QR Code generator
  3. Print the qr code and make it available for the kids to listen/watch video from an iPad with a qr code reader app.