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The Process behind Multimedia Production

Posted by tlund on November 12, 2015

Multimedia is the presentation of computer controlled and interactive information using the combination of video, sound, text, pictures and animations. Multimedia projects have a complex process; they often involve the skills and a lot of effort from multiple teams. During the development process, a project moves through the specialised parts of the team, from story creation to technical editing, with regular collective review sessions.



The first step is the Planning Meeting which is the central part of the process; it creates a shared vision for everyone working on the project. The meeting usually kicks off a project, bringing together the team. The project manager needs to communicate the major goals and milestones.


The Script Writing is usually the second step because most multimedia projects have a story behind them. People in charge of the background story write a script, creative brief or outline. The text hits the main points of the project and uses language that appeals to the audience in jargon, tone and style.


Then, the Storyboarding begins to tie everything together because a multimedia project includes multiple pieces like audio, video, imagery, text for voiceovers and on-screen titles. The storyboard panel for a scene includes a sketch of the visual elements, the voiceover or title text, and any production notes. It guides the process, keeps everyone in check and gives structure to the project.


During the design stage, designers take over the visual aspects of the project to determine how the “look & feel” would be like. Supported by the notes from the storyboard, they create graphics, design the navigation and give direction to photographers and videographers regarding the correct shots. The design stage might include graphic design, web design, information design, photography or image collection.


Editing is one of the most complex stages of the multimedia process. People responsible for editing the project turn the various pieces into a cohesive product, taking into consideration the time constraints, storyline and creative specifications.


The production stage is when all the parts of a multimedia project come together. The production staff gathers all of the edited assets in one place and puts them together in a logical sequence, using the storyboard as a guide.


So, incorporating multimedia projects into the classroom can generate a great deal of excitement and team work!

Multimedia Production

Posted by ssweeney on September 30, 2015

With multimedia production being so accessible in today’s world, no longer are people simply relying on text to transmit their ideas and communicate information.  The modes of communication are evolving and so should our units of instruction.  Many of our students are turning towards producing products that include text, pictures, video, audio, or a combination of all.  Just as we teach students the techniques and mechanics of writing a well structured paragraph to communicate their ideas, we need to broaden our instruction to also include the mechanics and techniques for guiding students through the process of designing high quality multimedia works that bring power to the ideas students are communicating through other mediums.  To support students in pursuing this passion and guide them to develop products that are of the highest quality, this team of Digital Coaches will be diving deep into the resources and techniques used to generate quality products when it comes to various modes of multimedia.  They will lead the way with developing the key expectations that teachers and students should have for quality end products.

Resources for Multimedia Production