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Sharing Ideas and Reflections – Through an “Online Sheet of Paper”

Posted by mvaldez on October 14, 2015

In today’s networked world, sharing ideas is not an option, is a required skill. Students need to get used to be part of a group or teamwork, learn from others and work in a collaborative environment.


Padlet allows students to express their thoughts in any language.

For example, in our Spanish class, whenever is brainstorming time, when introducing new concepts or during reflection time, this “virtual wall” enables our students to leave a “sticky” note with their own thoughts, which then generates classroom discussion.


Seeing others’ work or responses in this “visually organized mode”, inspires and helps students’ thinking. They also learn and develop their spirit of inquiry, encouraging themselves to ask questions.


You can access this application from any device so it is very easy to do it in our classrooms or send it as homework.


Using an online sheet of paper for sharing ideas and reflections, improves students’ learning experience, communication and collaboration.


Going crazy organizing your student pictures in your shared Ipads?

Posted by gtori on September 30, 2015

Why not try EASY CLASS CAM app?  Easy Class Cam is the ultimate camera app for classes or families with shared iPads/iPods. Photos taken by students/children are automatically placed in an album belonging to them, making them super easy to find later on. Folders are easily created. Pictures of your students can even be included on your folders, for those younger kids that still do not know how to read their names.