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“What most schools don’t teach”

Posted by sjordan on November 13, 2015

What is this video about?

“What most schools don’t teach” is the firs video I watched from which, personally inspired me to look deeper into Computer Science (CS) and programming. Even though I already was a Front-End Web Developer, I didn’t really knew what I was missing; and I’m not talking about the remunaration or other benefits someone may receiving by working at a software developing company (have you ever seen the Googleplex for example?), but of the “Brave New World” that is in front of us and that very few people get into beacuse of misconceptions like:

  • It’s too hard
  • This is only for Nerds
  • I will never be able to program
  • I’m not good at math
  • This is only for boys (I think this is the worst misconception)

Who started this? was started by Hadi Partovi, a software born in Tehran, Iran; who later migrated to the United States. His story and vision can be seen in this Tedx video.




Programming & Robotics

Posted by ssweeney on September 30, 2015

Most people look at program as something that is difficult and unapproachable, but the reality is that many kids can now program before they can read.  Programming languages are the building blocks of the tools we use in today’s society.  These languages are imperative for understanding how our world works today.  To help our students understand more about the world around them and how the tools they use work, FDR is exploring what programming looks like at the various levels of learning for our students.  Through the use of apps, websites, and robots, our Digital Coaches will develop activities that integrate into the curriculum to support current learning objectives while also developing a new skill set for students.  To aid in developing this learning, we have invested in various resources for testing and reviewing.

To build excitement around this idea, the team will work to organize a Hour of Code activities for our students to engage with the idea of coding.

Computational Thinking Approach

To understand the approach to learning code, the Digital Coaches will develop their skill set through participating in the Computational Thinking Course for Educators developed by Google.

Online Programs for Coding

Hour of Code


Khan Academy Coding

Touch Development

Code School 

CAS Barefoot

Apps for Programming Skills

Move the Turtle

Cargo Bot


static1.squarespace app-icon Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 4.07.04 PM


The following robots have been purchased for arrival in February 2016.  We are excited to explore the learning opportunities that these robots can offer to students for developing their skills with programming.  While we have been using Lego Mindstorm for an extended amount of time in our design classes and with a student club.  We will explore how these additional devices can help develop the skill set further through earlier introductions and exploring through more than one type of robotic programming.

Orbotix Ollie & Sphero 2.0

WowWee MiP


Dash & Dot

Lego Mindstorm