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Team Objectives

Posted by jnelson on November 12, 2015

Our end goals:

1) To identify how Smart technologies can enhance learning at FDR through all grade levels.

2) Share our learning and expertise with teachers at Roosevelt through workshops and blog updates (videos).

MILESTONE 1: Research the different models that the school are considering to identify pros and cons of each model.

MILESTONE 2: To have smart boards in our rooms to explore the various uses.

MILESTONE 3: Show what we have learnt / know.

Resources: A smart board, software, smart exchange, reading reviews.

Interactive Boards

Posted by ssweeney on September 30, 2015

For many years, FDR has utilized the eBeam as our adopted interactive addition to the classroom whiteboards.  As we consider new buildings and the changing needs of classroom instruction, we will be exploring new resources this year to help inform our decision for moving forward with the interactive projection within the classrooms at Roosevelt.  The Interactive Board Team will be focused on exploring various aspects of what interactive boards can offer to the classroom.

Instructional Design

Traditionally the classroom has been lead by teacher focused instruction at the front of the classroom.  Today’s classrooms are exploring how a more differentiated student need focused classroom can improve student learning.  The Digital Coaches will explore what type of experience can be offered to classrooms when interactive whiteboards are adopted for the purpose of student use and engagement rather than teacher management of resources.

Software such as the Smart Notebook which allows teachers to build instant feedback activities focused on student learning objectives.

The Hardware

Though the real power is in the software and what it offers for student learning.  We will be bringing in various board and projector combinations to test what hardware will be best for our classroom needs.  Whether it is three small interactive digital screens that offer opportunities for students working in small groups, a short throw interactive projector to build an interactive table for student collaboration, or an 88″ board for large group presenting and sharing, we will be testing the qualities of various tools.