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Google for Education

Posted by ccuadros on January 6, 2016

This training taught us the best strategies for integrating Google in the classroom. We learned about:

GOOGLE + is a supportive personal learning network (PLN) of people you can learn from.

GOOGLE GROUPS, where you can chat and send messages to groups.

GOOGLE SITE is a page you own where you can display information to your visitors.

GOOGLE KEEP NOTE/IMAGES, it is a virtual notes application within the Google. It allows you to add collaborators to your notes.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM, is perfect for copying and sharing docs with your class. You can also use it to distribute and collect assignments effortlessly.


All these can help us have a (mostly)paperless classroom.

Cynthia Cuadros

Posted by ccuadros on September 30, 2015

Hi! I am a fifth grade teacher assistant and I feel happy when my kids use technology to achieve their learning goals; with this training I will improve my technology processes. I will also learn what is the new topic right now and discover more about social networking in order to inform them about the safest way to deal with technology.We used Powtoon,which is a friendly  presentation software that allowed our kids to create engaging “look and feel” animated presentations.