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Makey Makey in Middle School Science

Posted by dhollowa on April 16, 2016

Creating Inquiry with Makey Makey Circuit Boards

For Grade 8 Unit on Electricity and Magnetism the students used Makey Makey circuit boards.  This generated a great deal of excitement as well as questions about open and closed circuits as well as insulators and conductors.  The students used fruit, candy, their friends, pencil graphite, rubber hosing and other objects to test how well the material allowed electricity to flow and complete a circuit.  The students had to translate and analyze their Makey Makey boards to create electrical schematic diagrams. Students interpreted the connection of human to human as a switch, the computer as a battery, and various resistors.
I gave the students a set up chart and a task sheet to complete. This task sheet informed the students on how to set up the Makey Makey as well as which apps worked best for with the app.


Makey Makey Set Up 

Makey Makey Task Sheet