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“What most schools don’t teach”

Posted by sjordan on November 13, 2015

What is this video about?

“What most schools don’t teach” is the firs video I watched from which, personally inspired me to look deeper into Computer Science (CS) and programming. Even though I already was a Front-End Web Developer, I didn’t really knew what I was missing; and I’m not talking about the remunaration or other benefits someone may receiving by working at a software developing company (have you ever seen the Googleplex for example?), but of the “Brave New World” that is in front of us and that very few people get into beacuse of misconceptions like:

  • It’s too hard
  • This is only for Nerds
  • I will never be able to program
  • I’m not good at math
  • This is only for boys (I think this is the worst misconception)

Who started this? was started by Hadi Partovi, a software born in Tehran, Iran; who later migrated to the United States. His story and vision can be seen in this Tedx video.