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Share Bookmarks with Symbaloo

Posted by eciliott on November 4, 2015

Ever found yourself battling with your bookmarks? Bookmarks here, bookmarks there, bookmarks everywhere! And then when you try to find one, or you need to share it with a colleague or a student……’s not there! Well, actually, it is, but it’s in that hidden place in your computer where you can’t find it when you need it!


Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking service in the cloud. Symbaloo for Education is a visual aid that allows you to manage AND share your favorite bookmarks with colleagues or students. Using SymbalooEDU, you will create a Webmix with all your links of a related topic.  Symbaloo will generate a link for you to share with others to take them straight to your webmix. Or, you can embed your webmix into your own webpage, creating a tool with live links students can use.


Here’s a link to the¬†webmix I use with my students during the How the World Works UOI. And if you’re a bit curious now, check out this short introductory tutorial.