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Posted by cmattiso on October 15, 2015

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FlipQuiz is a free website for educators which allows you to create games using the classic “Jeopardy”-style format. I like to use this site when reviewing for math tests using Everyday Math tests as my guide. I create my categories at the top, and make easier questions reflecting part A of the test for 100,200,300 points, and use the 400 and 500 point questions those that reflect Part B of the Everyday Math tests. This site could be used in any subject. You can also add images to the questions, by copying and pasting the image URL when selecting the image icon during the creation stage (editing mode). When you are ready to play, you select “presentation mode”.

You can try a demo here.

Or check out some examples of FlipQuizzes I have made below:

Unit 3 – 4th grade Everyday Math

Unit 4- Decimals