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Tech Integration: Math

Posted by ssweeney on February 17, 2015



Scenario 1

Eager to move her students into the digital age, a teacher recreates a math workbook page into digital format by typing it out herself.  She does this so that she can then upload the digital worksheet to the content management system (CMS) where students can download the sheet, complete it digitally, and then upload the worksheet to the CMS for submission.

Scenario 2

Teacher uses the math program Aleks in their classroom with their students.  Aleks uses a pre-assessment to determine what a student knows and doesn’t know about their grade level math.  It then teaches students the concepts and assess them on their understanding.  While students are working on this, the teacher pulls small groups based on the performance information Aleks provides for her to help support areas where students are struggling.  When a child finishes a piece of their learning pie, the must complete a learning challenge.  The learning challenges are problem based projects that students complete to demonstrate their understanding of an area by applying there skills.

Scenario 3

To demonstrate understanding a concept in math class, the teacher encourages the use of non-fiction writing skills by asking students to reflectively write out the process they go through for solving an equation.  They then prepare slides within Keynote that show each step to solve the equation.  Finally they use the presentation audio recording tool to record themselves reading allowed the step-by-step process while they click through the slides.  This video is then uploaded to the student’s YouTube account, so it can be linked on their online portfolio as evidence of learning.