FDR IB Review 2016

Welcome to the FDR IB Review site, your one-stop shop for all documents relating to the IB review due for submission June 1 2016.  The aim of this site is to act not only as a dashboard for all aspects of our three IB programs relating to the review, but to reflect the learning journey of students here at FDR from EC3 to Grade 12.  We hope that once the review is complete this site will serve as an ongoing portfolio of work and documents that reflect the FDR learning journey.

The first three committees that have been convened are focusing on reviewing policies. A core team has been formed and more stakeholders will be incorporated over the coming months:

If you have contributions to make please contact your relevant IB Coordinator

PYP – Pamela Curtin     pcurtin@amersol.edu.pe
MYP – Chad Schwaberow cscwabe@amersol.edu.pe
DP – Graham Maclure      gmaclure@amersol.edu.pe


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