Group 6 Arts

IBDP Music   [Course Outline SL / HL]
Music functions as a means of personal and communal identity and expression, and embodies the social and cultural values of individuals and communities. This scenario invites exciting exploration and sensitive study. Music may vary considerably from one culture to another but may also share similarities. Such richness offers a variety of ways to encounter and engage with a constantly changing world. The Diploma Programme music course provides an appropriate foundation for further study in music at university level or in music career pathways. It also provides an enriching and valuable course of study for students who may pursue other careers.
The Diploma Programme music course is designed to offer students the opportunity to build on prior experience in music while encouraging a broad approach to the subject and developing new skills, techniques and ideas. While prior music experience is not mandatory at SL, it is recommended. At HL it is very strongly recommended.

IBDP Visual Arts   [Course Outline SL / HL]
Visual Arts aims to develop an understanding and appreciation of Visual Art from its earliest beginnings spanning pre-historic cultures through to present day conceptual forms. The course also encourages students to produce and critically evaluate visual art from local, national and international perspectives. The Visual Arts course also allows a significant degree of experimentation with different materials and techniques. Students practice research, writing, and oral presentation skills throughout the course.  Students taking this course at Higher Level are expected to produce more work with greater depth and breadth and therefore, spend a greater number of hours on the research and practice than those students studying the course at Standard Level.

Application: The IB Visual Arts Course will give students an important head start if they are considering a career in Engineering, Architecture, Landscaping and Urbanism, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Restoration, Communication, Advertising, Film, Multimedia, Photography, Art History, Art Education, Art Therapy and other related activities.


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