FDR DP Deadlines

FDR Deadlines
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 The school sets internal deadlines, as requested by the IBO, in order to stagger the workload for students across the two years of their Diploma courses.. These are shared with students at the start of every year. The deadlines that are listed on the calendar linked above are key deadlines that students must meet.Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.41.52 PM

Since all students are enrolled in Diploma courses these deadlines apply to all students. The school recommends that students save a create their own personalised calendar of deadlines in order to ensure they take ownership of their commitments.

Failure to meet these deadlines results in a student being removed from the course / program. There is an appeal process for reinstatement to the Secondary Principal and Diploma coordinator. Full details are contained in the FDR deadlines protocol which is signed by students and parents at the beginning of each year.

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