DP Unit planning

As explained in Diploma Programme: From principles into practice

“A unit plan is part of the written curriculum for any course and can be defined as a planned study, which can be of various lengths, concluding with summative assessment. Each subject-specific unit plan should:

  • stand alone as a significant, engaging, relevant and challenging learning experience
  • enable students to demonstrate development against objectivesscreen-shot-2016-09-20-at-8-03-00-pm
  • contribute to a coherent, school-wide commitment to inquiry that is framed by contexts of personal, local or global significance
  • be driven by inquiry that is conceptually based and contextually framed
  • involve students in a range of learning experiences planned in response to inquiry-based questions
  • make responsible and relevant use of technology when appropriate
  • build on the prior knowledge of the students
  • be planned and taught to promote positive attitudes and development of the attributes of an IB learner
  • have a summative assessment that gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate achievement of the DP objectives set for the unit
  • require students to reflect on their learning and encourage them to engage in principled action or service.”

Below are some documents designed to help with your planning of units:

Sample unit plans from IBO and FDR:

  • History   1  
  • Biology  1  2
  • English  1


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