DP May Examinations

Written IB Diploma Examinations

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May 2017 Exam Schedule
Letter re DP May 2017 exams
Expectations for Students Taking Diploma Exams

Most Diploma courses involve final written examinations, taken in May of the second year of the course and marked by external IB examiners. This is because of the greater degree of objectivity and reliability provided by a standard examination environment. These exams count for the majority of the student’s final DIploma grade – 50% and 75% for most subjects.  

The expectation is that every student taking an IB course will sit the final exams in May.

2015-05-12 08.10.50To prepare for these examinations students take final examinations in June of year 1 and Mock exams in March of their final year.  The June examinations follow IB formats using IB questions while the March Mock examinations prepare students using a full run-through of all subject examination components over a week in an exam-hall setting.

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