The Core of the Diploma program consists of three components, one of which CAS is compulsory for ALL FDR students, whatever program they are enrolled in.

Extended Essay (EE):
Extended Essay Documents 15-16
Students investigate a self-generated research question by undertaking independent primary research  in one of their DP subject areas for around 40 hours, working with a supervisor, culminating in a 4000-word academic paper. Invaluable preparation for higher education. Develops independent research skills and thesis writing skills.

Theory of Knowledge (ToK):
A critical thinking course exploring relationships between different disciplines. Students engage in critical reflection on knowledge and experience acquired within and beyond the classroom assessed via a 1,600 word essay and 15 min oral presentation
Teacher site course overview

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS):

CAS Weebly    FDR  CAS handbook

CAS is a fundamental part of the FDR school mission and programs and is a graduation requirement for all students.  The emphasis of CAS is on experiential learning and developing the whole person beyond simply academic success.  The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular and service projects and clubs which can be used to develop a students CAS program. Students set personal goals and aim to fulfill 7 learning outcomes. They show evidence of completion of these outcomes in a CAS portfolio.

It is important to note that work that is part of a student’s study within their academic program, Theory of Knowledge or Extended Essay may not be counted towards CAS.

Completion of CAS is a graduation requirement for all students at FDR


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