Reporting Procedures

The following page outlines how to enter prepare for and reports on ManageBac. Please study the reports carefully so you are clear about the data you need to be collecting to build interim and semester reports for the Diploma:

Entering October Interim Reports    Entering October Interim Reports
Entering Semester  1 Reports             Entering Semester  2 Reports

ATL Skills

Entering Approaches to Learning Grades
We report on Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills in each report. These are the skills that are critical to success in school and life beyond.  The skills are graded using the following categories:

  • EE – Exceeding Expectations
  • ME – Meeting Expectations 
  • AE – Approaching Expectations
  • BE – Below Expectations

There is one overall grade for all ATL skills at this point in time.
For details the behind the ATL, see the ATL Self-assessment rubric

RECOMMENDED: Have students self-assess their skills ahead of the report using this Google form

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